My Name is Stephen Schappler.

I am a supervising sound designer at PlayStation Studios.

Previously I worked at NetherRealm Studios in Chicago on the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises, and prior to that I freelanced in New York City as a recording engineer and sound designer working with a wide variety of clients including Nickelodeon, PBS, Pitchfork TV, and Google.

Now, I strive to create expressive industry leading sonic experiences for video games while inspiring others in a positive, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere.

God of War Ragnarök20221106233451
Mortal Kombat 1120200502002659
Injustice 220190407022350
Mortal Kombat X20200429034829
Bubble Guppies20200429213452


Sci-Fi Engines with Manipulator and Your Mouth20201005215213

Sci-Fi Engines with Manipulator and Your Mouth

October 5, 2020Sound Design2 comments
I saw an inspiring tweet recently from @chrisscullion about using the plugin Manipulator to create sci-fi engine sounds, and I had to give it a shot myself. It turns out, it's super fun! If you have Manipulator, which is a great plugin anyway, I highly encourage you to pull out a microphone and start experimenting yourself. Even without additional processing, there are lots of different sounds to ...
Oblique Strategies for Sound Designers20200910203331

Oblique Strategies for Sound Designers

September 10, 2020Sound Design0 comments
  Working in a creative field, it can be easy to find oneself stuck . As a solution, Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt created a set of cards labeled Oblique Strategies that offer short suggestions to spark ideas or break mental deadlocks. I thought it would be a fun exercise to take the same concept […]...
The Importance of Developing Critical Listening Skills20200908153704

The Importance of Developing Critical Listening Skills

September 8, 2020Sound Design0 comments
As a sound designer, the most important tools in your toolbox are your ears and your brain. Forget your microphones, sound library, plugins, and your DAW. Let’s just focus on the act of listening for a minute....
Stream Deck Audio Plugin Icon Pack20200828201151

Stream Deck Audio Plugin Icon Pack

This is a downloadable icon pack for your Stream Deck.I tried to take simple, identifiable GUI elements to create the image for each icon, so each plugin would appear unique and be easily identifiable at a glance.The idea is to use these icons as backgrounds for each button and manually type in the name of the plugin in the Stream Deck editor software.This is not a comprehensive pack and your favo...
Great Game Audio Sound Designers Need to Be Players Too20200823213349

Great Game Audio Sound Designers Need to Be Players Too

August 23, 2020Game Audio0 comments
Mix-up, corner pressure, footsies, frame trap, safe on block, punishable, and fifty fifty. These are all terms that I had never heard of before working as a sound designer at NetherRealm Studios. If you’re not a fighting game player or developer, you might not be familiar with them either. So why are they important? I […]...
Reaper Quick Tip – Exporting Audio with Embedded Metadata20200511151105

Reaper Quick Tip – Exporting Audio with Embedded Metadata

The release of Reaper v6.10 has added the option to embed metadata during rendering into all sorts of files types, including BWF wav files. This is a very handy feature when editing recordings for sound libraries or when exporting sfx for implementation into a game. Here are the notes from the changelog: Metadata save/load metadata […]...


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