God of War Ragnarök


Sony Santa Monica Studios

Sound Design Lead

Led the sound design pillar for interacts and puzzles, covering global interactable systems and unique puzzles throughout the game, directing 4-5 sound design pillar members and 1-2 outsourcers.

Coordinated with the other sound design pillar leads and the audio director in order to create cohesive and compelling sound design and mix for God of War Ragnarök.

Sound design for gameplay cinematic moments and set pieces.

Recorded and edited a custom in-house gore library for the project.

Sound Design Awards Received

BAFTA Games Awards

Audio Achievement

The Game Awards

Best Audio Design

The G.A.N.G. Awards

Audio of the Year

Sound Design of the Year

Best Audio Mix

Best Cinematic and Custscene Audio

Best Game Foley

Best Game Trailer Audio

Best UI, Reward, or Objective Sound Design

Creative and Technical Achievement in Sound Design

MPSE Golden Reel Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Game Effects / Foley

D.I.C.E. Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Audio Design

Game Developer Choice Awards

Best Audio

Music+Sound Awards

Best Sound Design in a Video Game


Outstanding Sound Editing in a Game Cinema

Outstanding Sound Effects

Oustanding Use of Sound, Franchise